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VR Provides Revolutionary New Therapies for Mental Health

SAN FRANCISCO, April 2, 2018 – The U.S. is not prepared to meet today's mental health patient population demands. There is a behavioral healthcare professional shortage of thousands reported by the Health Resources and Services Administration and clinicians are challenged to meet the 20% Americans who are suffering from mental illness every year according to the National Institute on Mental Illness of which more than half never receive treatment.

NewPathVR is working with the San Francisco Psychological Association to train mental health clinicians on the therapeutic use of virtual reality. "NewPathVR is excited to partner with the San Francisco Psychological Association to advance both our missions to promote and enrich the science and practice of psychology for the health and welfare of the greater public," said Lisa Padilla, CEO of NewPathVR. "As the first partner of choice for the SFPA in the delivery of VR Psychology training, we plan to leverage our expertise and our network to deliver continuing education courses and workshops.

The first courses are being held in San Francisco and will serve the region, with plans to expand nationwide by the end of the year. NewPathVR will offer psychological associations in the SF Bay Area and healthcare institutions VR Psychology courses that teach practical therapeutic applications of VR Psychology, including Advanced VR Psychology, and VR Art Therapy. NewPathVR’s goal is to continue developing protocols and training for the use of VR in clinical settings that align with the ethics and standards of governing bodies such as American Psychological Association.

“We are very pleased for the opportunity to deliver VR Psychology training to licensed clinicians and graduate students in the area of emotional and psychological growth. We’ve been actively pursuing these trainings since the very beginning, almost as soon as we recognized the potential of VR-assisted therapies. To be received with not only open arms but curious hearts and fascinated minds instills us with excitement that professional healers see what we see. It is of the utmost importance that people not suffer needlessly and, though no one tool can be the answer, of course, we believe VR-assisted therapies - when done with intention - can be an affordable and potent tool for both the releasing and reforming of neuropsychological patterns.” said Dr. Michelle Wang, Chief Psychology Officer of NewPathVR.

"I was dazzled by the [course] and awed at the potential of VR for treating psychological suffering. I discovered that some of the potential is already here." said Dr. Bruce F. Pither, past president of the San Francisco Psychological Association. Padilla added, "Joining forces with organizations like the San Francisco Psychological Association to make our training available to more people around the world is essential to our mission and we are excited at the possibilities this collaboration will provide."

There have been 3000 studies over the past 30 years showing positive behavioral changes achieved through the use of virtual reality. Interventions with immersive environments have been created for the relief of stress, anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer's Disease, and more.

About NewPathVR

NewPathVR is the creator of personal development and emotional intelligence applications in virtual reality. The company uses research-based methods from its proprietary Active PsychologyTM library to create wellness applications for VR with the goal of evoking positive change through conscious technology. We also teach accredited courses in VR Psychology and power the world’s first VR wellness portal — RenewVR.com.


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